The DieselHouse Museum tells the story of B&W, dating all the way back to 1843, where it all started with a one-man smithing workshop. Later on, B&W developed into being one of Denmark’s largest workplaces, and it retained that title in a hundred years ahead.

The majority of the museum’s exhibits is built around material DieselHouse has received from the old B&W Museum, which, back in the day, was situated at Strandgade no. 4 in Christianshavn.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, B&W has been one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of large two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines for ship propulsion and power plants, as well as the development and production of advanced ships. The production of ships and engines moved to low-wage areas in the East, but MAN Diesel and Turbo, which is the name of the company today, have managed to maintain the development and construction of the large two-stroke diesel engines in Denmark. The rights to produce the engines are sold to factories all over the world.