DieselHouse Friends, also known as DHV, is a volunteer association for the DieselHouse Museum.

The association’s purpose is to maintain and renovate effects belonging to DieselHouse, as well as arrange social events revolving around DieselHouse and similar museums and collections, thereby promoting interest in the area.

It costs 100 DKK a year to be a DHV-member, and the money is charged each year in Jan/Feb. Therefore, payment of membership renewal will also be charged during this period, no matter which month the year before you may have signed up for the association. With the membership you are getting access to DieselHouse KnowledgeBase, so you can spend your time researching our historical archives.

DHV arranges smaller events such as movie showings and exciting lectures, but also larger trips to for exmample Bornholm and Ærø – trips like these include overnight stays and excursions – is costs an additional fee to participate in events like these.

Contact persons :

The membership fee is 150 DKK for the whole year and must be paid to the association’s account in Arbejdernes Landsbank Reg. No. 5371 Account. No. 0331261, remember to write your name and membership number if you have one.

If you are a new member, it is a good idea to send an e-mail with information here of to the chairman, secretary or assistant organizer immediately after paying the membership fee.

Take into consideration, before signing up, that all information that will be sent out regarding the events only will be available in Danish.