DieselHouse is not only a museum, but also an experience and knowledge center where visitors can come and learn about diesel technology, its history and current importance to society, as well as its future perspectives. Depending on the visitor’s knowledge, one can either learn about the basic function of the diesel engine or read the latest technical dissertations from MAN Energy Solutions development department.

The DieselHouse Museum tells the story of B&W, dating all the way back to 1843, where it all started with a one-man smithing workshop. Later on, B&W developed into being one of Denmark’s largest workplaces, and it retained that title in a hundred years ahead.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, B&W has been one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of large two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines for ship propulsion and power plants, as well as the development and production of advanced ships. The production of ships and engines moved to low-wage areas in the East, but MAN energy SolutionsDiesel, which is the name of the company today, have managed to maintain the development and construction of the large two-stroke diesel engines in Denmark. The rights to produce the engines are sold to factories all over the world.