DieselHouse was inaugurated on May 2006 by HRH Crown Prince Fredrik. The building, which is a part of H.C. Ørsted Værket, was built in 1932 to house the large diesel engine, B&W2000, which was built by Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen and commissioned in 1933.

MAN Energy Solutions funded the conversion and set-up of exhibitions and is sponsoring of the operation of Diesel House. The exhibitions have been created by a partnership between The Museum of Copenhagen and MAN, and mainly consist of items from the B&W Museum, which closed in 2006 after having been open to the public since 1946.

DieselHouse is envisaged as an experience center for diesel technology and industry presented in a cultural context. The technological development is merged with the story of Copenhagen’s energy supply, the history of the B&W shipyard and motor factory’s development over 150 years, explanations about ocean freight transport and the use of diesel technology worldwide.