At the beginning of the 20th century many small engine factories occurred in Denmark – Holeby on Lolland was one of them. The factory was bought by B&W in the 1930s.

Holebys engine no. 1 was produced in 1910 and placed in Holebys power station, where it powered the generator, that made electricity for night shift, up until the late sixties. It was then dismantled and stored in boxes and pallets, in preparation to become a landmark in front Holebys administration building. However, this was never carried out, and when DieselHouse was established, a foundation was prepared for the engine. Almost all the stored engine parts were subsequently sent to DieselHouse and it turned out that unfortunately many of the parts had disappeared over the years. Despite the lack of drawings and by recreating the missing parts it was possible to assemble the engine.

Holeby no.1, has now passed the final tests and will be presented to the public every Wednesday at 2pm.