In 1843 H. H. Baumgarten started a mechanical workshop in Købmagergade in Copenhagen. In 1846 created a company with C.C. Burmeister and formed the company Baumgarten & Burmeister (B&B) and moved to Christianshavn the same year for have more space. Already in 1847 they manufactured the first steam engine sold to chocolate manufacturer Aagaard in Copenhagen.

W. Wain, who worked closely with Orlogsværftet, joined B & B and when Baumgarten retired in 1865, Burmeister & Wain was formed.

B&W steam engine No. 356, 1872, is with two cylinders generating an output of 40hp, is used on a barge crane owned by the Copenhagen Port Authority. It is in use until the 1930s.