The Bur-Wain diesel engines were produced in the years 1938-1948 at B&W on Wilders Plads. In total, approx. 1600 units were produced. This type of engine, Bur-Wain Diesel 6 A 13 D, year 1945′, is a four-stroke engine. The Bur-Wain engines were primarily used in trucks and buses, but they were also used for DSB ranger locomotives and smaller types of boats. The engine exhibited at DieselHouse used to be in a motor driven boat named “Britt” and the owner Ib Petersen has built the engine of spare parts in the period 1995-1997. Ib Petersen has given the engine to DieselHouse a few years ago and presents it for weekly to the public.

The engine will start every Tuesday at 2pm.