The diesel engine was crucial for the expanding industrialization of the world, including, of course, also Denmark. This was due to it becomming the driving force of dynamo lighting and of powering machines and pumps. It slowly replaced the steam engine as driving force during the first 20 years of the twentieth century. Then it also replaced the steam engine as propulsion machinery in ships.

The diesel engine is a dominant and almost exclusive main machinery in all kinds of ships, moreover, it is used for large power plants – especially on islands.

Since the first engine was put into operation, the diesel engine has been further developed to the extent where it has almost halved its fuel consumption. It is designed to use all types of fuel, both liquid but also gaseous, such as natural gas, spirits, hydrogen, plant oils, etc.

The diesel engine is likely, for years to come, to be the preferred propulsion because of its flexibility and its ability to utilize the fuel efficiently.