Engine development never stands still. On the top floor of DieselHouse, the exhibition shows engine development over time. This is done using engine models showing the different principles the engines are built around. In addition to that, there’s a database with access to special documents and descriptions, thus allowing for both immersion in engine technology and the possibility of a more summary review – all depending on the area of ​​interest.

On this floor one is also given the opportunity to try out interactive games and glance at the large digital chart showing all the cargo ships that are currently sailing on the oceans using MAN’s diesel engines.

Diesel engine technology is constantly evolving; this to ensure that it will remain the preferred propulsion machine in ships and an attractive generator engine in power plants.

There are many factors that influence engine development, including the interaction between the hull of the ship, propeller alignment and engine speed to get the best possible efficiency and also ensuring that the environmental impact of the engines is as small as possible.